Risk Mitigation – Engineering

Risk mitigation – Engineering *

A range of engineering measures can be taken to reduce the probability and/or the magnitude of an arc flash incident.

  • Compliance with an Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) such as HSE publication HSG 230 “Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe”
  • Publication of a set of electrical safety rules and training personnel in correct application of the rules. Electrical isolations and control of live working are of particular importance.
  • In the case of new installations equipment can be specified to reduce the risk of incidents e.g. fully insulated bus bar system and to improve safety in the event of an incident e.g. venting
  • Existing equipment can be retrofitted with remote operation facilities
  • Where practicable fault levels can be reduced by, for example, opening bus coupling switches, fitting reactors or fast acting fuses.
  • Protection operating times can be reduced to clear faults more quickly and reduce arc energy levels.
  • Arc detection and suppression devices can be fitted to quickly sense and quench arcs.

* Source: TAS Engineering