Head & Face Protection

ARCBAN® Helmet Mounted Paulson Arc Shield with Fabric Chinguard.


ARCBAN® Helmet Mounted Paulson Nanotechnology Arc Shield with Fabric Chinguard made with DuPontTM Nomex®

J & K Ross Code : ARC/HEAD/V/C/H

Large face shield with DuPont™ Nomex® fabric neck protection. The curved shape flexible chinguard is made from a fabric assembly which has been tested using IEC 61482-1-1 and achieves 55.1 cal/cm². The chinguard gives excellent head movement including excellent visibility while looking down, which can sometimes be difficult with the more solid style chinguards. The face shield is made from a patented blend of multiple materials such as visible dyes, laser absorbing compounds, oils and lubricants embedded into a cellulose propionate matrix manufactured by injection moulding. The visor is tested using ASTM F2178 and achieves an ATPV of 12 cal/cm².

The Complete Unit is tested and certified to the arc in a box standard of Class 2 (7KA 0.5 seconds)

This visor assembly can also be mounted on a browguard, for more details click here

EN166:2002 and EN170 2-1, 4 PMC 1 B 8 CE and 2-1, 4 PMC 1 B 8 DIN Tested according to ASTM F2178 to an Arc Rating of 12.2 cal/cm2.