Flash Fire Protection

It is equally important to protect against flash fire

Thermal protective clothing is subject to norms EN 531 and the drafted harmonized standard prEN ISO 11612.
DuPont™ Thermo-Man®

Thermo-Man® is a life-size mannequin equipped with 122 heat sensors, which is dressed in test garments and is then totally engulfed into flames generated by propane gas burners.
This test exposes the garment surface to a flash fire with temperatures rising up to
1.000°C, thus simulating a typical industrial heat and flame incident. This excess fuel fire
simulator validates the garment’s protective performance and integrity against heat
and flame.

The thermo-sensors record the temperature rise on the surface of the mannequin while a computer simulation programme calculates:
• the predicted percentage of 2nd and 3rd degree burns a person might suffer on their body under similar conditions
• the position of the burns, and the percentage of burns compared to the total body
• the burn evolution over the measuring time, resulting in the person’s chance to survive the incident (in %) in conjunction with the victim’s age.

DuPont™ ThermoMan® located in Geneva

Thermo-Man® Video

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