Main EN standards for Thermal Protective Clothing

Thermal Hazards

Electrostatic Discharge Hazards

Heat & Flame

Electrical Arc

Big Molten Metal Splashes

Small Molten Metal Splashes

Antistatic Properties

EN 340 (General requirements for protective clothing)

EN 531*

IEC 61482-1**

EN 531*

EN 470-1*

EN 1149-1**

prEN ISO 11612 *

EN 469

IEC 61482-1-1/CDV**

IEC 61482-1-2**
IEC 61482-2/CDV*

prEN ISO 11612*


EN 1149-3**

EN 1149-5*

EN ISO 11611



Additional EN Standards Which May Apply

Chemical Hazards

Electrical Current Hazards

Environmental Hazards

Low Visibility Hazards

Low volume Splash & Mist

Low voltages


High Visibility

EN 13034*

EN 50286*

EN 343*

EN 14360**

EN 471*


Cold & Cool environment


EN 342*

EN 14058**

All PPE are subject to the European Norm EN 340 specifying general requirements for protective clothing. It is the user responsibility to carry out risk analysis and select the appropriate personal protective equipment. * Standards: performance requirements ** Standards: test methods Hazards characterization

Thermal HazardTypical Exposure TimeTemperaturesHeat Transfer
Heat and FlameUp to 15sUp to 1,000oc50% convective heat
50% radiant heat
Heat of an electric arcUp to 1sUp to 10,000oc10% convective heat
90% radiant heat